Front Yard

The Realtor's photo of the front of the house before we bought it.

Shutters removed, tile roof power washed and a couple fresh coats of Bahama Blue paint.
The wood stakes are for the new driveway.

Old seashell "mulch" reemoved under the two windows, new plants and bushes added and black lava rock covering the weed block.

Torrential downpour during the "Dry season". HA!

Foxtail palms and Areca palm removed in preparation for the new driveway.

Driveway demo begins...

Just after the pour and finishing were completed.

Another look.

Only hours after the crew left, another downpour. It was the first rain in at least a month and the last we were to get for another month. Perfect timing!
The tall grass blocked the water from draining. Needless to say, we were very worried.

New St. Augustine Floratam sod laid down and some very interesting sub-tropical and tropical plants added. To the rear, left, is a triple Foxtail Palm we just planted.
The old front door replaced (it was so bad we'd get rainwater on the tile inside) and a new missile impact-rated garage door installed.
In the foreground, landscape stone almost complete and everything seems to be growing well.