Great Room

The original picture from the listing

Real perspective. Suddenly, the room shrinks...
Time to open it up
Old doorway closed. Some drywall work done.
The terrazzo is so damaged it would take a fortune to fix it. So we stuck with the CoreTec flooring. The flooring is best installed starting at the left and working right. But we have to match what is already installed in another room. The challenge is on!
Slowly but surely... And it's matching up to the planks coming out of the bedroom.
We were able to open up the house today (10/10/16) and it made installing the flooring better. (I hate air conditioning) Got a lot more done with that cool breeze blowing through.
Only one mistake so far. I didn't think about the fact I had to match up already laid planking at the wall opening and the end joints ended up being too close. (Look next to the far sawhore leg.) End joints should be at least 8" apart.
Flooring is done for now. The space on the right is being left open for some work on the wall area on the right. Still have to buy the baseboard, paint it and install it.