Hot Springs Hot Tub Renovation
Redwood Siding and Steps

This 1993 Hot Springs Grandee Spa has seen better days. The siding was stripped off, the motors removed and refurbished, the leaks fixed and new UV sanitizer and heater were on their way.


The siding was made from 2x6 redwood boards. The boards were resawn to 7/16" then detailed on the router table to replicate the old siding.

This is the front cover. It was entirely rebuilt and newly sided.

With the morots installed and other mechanical components installed, the residing begins.

New steps were made using the old pieces as templates. This is an identical replica of the old steps. All pieces are 1-1/2" thick redwood.

With the new equipment cover and steps in place. A new high-insulation top cover was also added.

Job complete. The decking was later replaced with 2" thick desert red flagstone

The old posts were stained ebony. The old lattice removed and replaced with 1-1/2" thick cedar lattice. The new flagstone with la Paz pebbles filling the voids between. Finish on the cedar is Defy Extreme Stain in cedar tone.
  Pictures of the Leak Repair  
  Lifting the 500 pound tub with only one person  

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