Bathroom Cabinets

It began with a 2"x13"x96" slab of African Mahogany.
  The slab is is cut down to managable sizes.  
And ripped to the needed dimensions


These are for the rails and stiles for the doors

Keep milling the lumber...

...til you get this. Then you let it rest for a few days.

Beginning the doors

Routing a rabbit to receive the door panel

After all the routing is done, check to see of everything fits right.

The panels are rift sawn sapele, another African wood. They have been planed to 1/2" and glued together to make the necessary panel widths.

Once glued and clamped, just wait for the glue to dry then cut and rip to the proper dimensions.

A sampling of how the doors will look.

These will be finished natural, no dye or stain. On the left is the first coat of Enduro-Var in satin. On the right is bare wood.

Doors and drawer fronts after the first coat of satin.

Work Complete


  All total - Less than $1500 with most of the cost in the granite top and new Kohler faucet.  

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