Kitchen Renovation

Cabinet work started by removing the old ceramic tile. The white stuff you see under the wall outlet is dry ice. It makes removing tile a snap.
After the tile was removed, the old plywood was removed and in its place was installed (2) 3/4" thick sheets of plywood which was gleud and screwed together.
A detail shot of the overhand cutaway.

Granite tiles, 12x12, were laid down over the double layers of plywood.
A new Kohler cast iron sink is installed flush with the granite top. On it is a new Kohler kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer in the head.
The nosing on the bar side of the countertop started by gluing (2) 3/4" red oak boards together.
The bar nosing installed, stained and varnished. A 1/2" half-round was installed on the edge.
A closeup of the end.
The old rough sawn cedar beams were removed and (6) 4" recessed cans were installed.
Cans will receive specular trims.

The drywall in the corners were cut out to install bracing for the new detail. This also allowed for access to running the electric for the ceiling lighting.

The new corner detail drywalled and taped.
After the primer...

New trim paint work to help accent the cove lighting.

Trim paint complete and backer supports for the cove molding installed.
Incandescent rope lighting is used to allow for complete dimming capabilities.
Cove molding and can trims installed.

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