Live Edge Breakfast Bar


It began with a 26 year old breakfast bar. The top was a piece of 1x12 pine installed by the homeowner shortly after the home was built. The front was plank pine paneling and the edges had a piece of 1" pine corner bead the cats used for a scratching post.

I tore off the pine top and pine paneling. In order to make the new live edge top 42" AFF, I had to add a 2x2 on the top of the existing wall.
Next step was to add a couple of receptacles.
The homeowner had some 3/4" plywood in the garage so I used that as a backer for the new paneling. The HO also had cutoff pieces of 6x8 Douglas fir left over from the home build. I sanded them clean and chaped the corners to give it a weathered look.
The live edge top is 8/4 curly eucalyptus. We found it at Connecticut Wood Group in Enfield, CT. John and Dave were a great help. The slab was the perfect width but about 12" too long so the end had to be cut back. The cutoff will be used as a backer for the house numbers at the front door.

The front was finished with reclaimed white-washed cedar. I removed the offensive can light above the range and installed an 8' track and (4) hanging lights with stone shades.

All it needs now is four stools and it's ready for serving.
Top view of the live edge slab before trimming.

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