Walnut & Maple Waterbed

The tools are ready and jointing the edges begins  

The sides are 5/4 hard maple. All edges are hand jointed.

Making the headboard braces.

The headboard consists of 4/4 walnut with 4/4 maple in between.

Headboard braces in approximate locations

How they will look from behind

Another look, from the side

Cocobolo ties for the maple. The strips are being considered to rout in between the maple and walnut

Walnut boards have been biscuit joined to maple sides at 90 degrees.

A walnut corner and the maple ends are drilled for dowels

Clamps are coupled to make the 7 foot span needed to glue walnut corners to maple sides

Walnut boards cap the maple sides

Cocobolo ties are mortised and glued in place. Maple caps are glues on the ends of the walnut.

Surface is treated with boiled linseed oil to make the grain pop

A closeup of the cocobolo ties and maple end caps

The headboard braces are installed

The frame assembly begins

All four sides are in place and metal brackets are installed in the corners. The walnut caps need to be trimmed at the head and foot of the bed frame
About two years ago I was looking into making a new waterbed frame. In my research for a good corner joint, I ran across something I really loved. Unfortunately, the cost of the wood would have almost doubled so the idea was scrubbed. But here is what I would have preferred to do:  

A sketch of how it would work

Looking down at the post

And finished joint. Pretty sweet!

Cutting the 3/4" plywood platform
The two pieces that make up the 72" x 84" platform are joined with dowels (not glued, of course).
Assembling the bed
The 5/4 maple headboard supports are mounted with 4" SPAX screws.
All headboard supports installed.
Headboard installed.
Closeup of the detail on the headboard where the maple and walnut meet. This was routed after the maple and walnut were glued together.

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