Micro Fence's Micro Plunge

  This is a plunge base made for Dremel and Foredom tools. Micro Fence custom makes each one. They are very high quality and precision made.  
The Micro Plunge with a Dremel 4000. It include a screwdriver, oil and detailed instructions. The battery LEDs, dust collection and hose attachements were extra.
In the inset, there is a hole just to the left of the dust collection port. It is designed to accept the LED light but the dust collection attachment covers it up.
With the LED in place on the front, you can see the light that passes through the plastic dust collection attachment. The height of the battery cylinder limits the ability to direct light where you need it.

Here, I have used double sided tape to attach the LED unit.

In this photo I have a very intense LED flashlight providing the light.

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