J-Class 1934 America's Cup
UK Challenger Endeavour
Scale 1:35

Lifeboat/Tender Tools
Introduction Frame Build Frame Balsa Fill Mast and Spreaders
Hull Planking Page 2 Deck Planking Page 2
Topsides Page 1 Topsides Page 2 Hardware Rigging & Sails

We now begin the balsa backing. This is not something mentioned in the instructions. People who know more about modeling than I ever will, suggested this.

The going is slow. My workshop is in a shipping container somewhere near the Ark of the Covenant

I am using a violin block plane to fair the hull

On the flip side...

After fairing with the violin plane and sanding

From the stern...

It's beginning to look like a sailboat

Close up of thr hull fairing

Viewing from the crow's nest

The stern comes into shape

In order to fair the hull, I made a fairing tool out of a metal ruler and a couple of dowel handles. Just behind that is the start of a smaller fairing tool.

I only tried the tool a bit, with 80 grit sandpaper, and it became quickly obvious there were a number of high and low spots that needed work.

The balsa shortage crisis continues to impede progress.

Back to work...
The workshop is coming together and maybe we can get back to working on the boat!


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